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Hi! I'm Robyn Lindsey and I'm an Arkansas artist who has lived all over the state, but settled down in NWA. After attending college at the UA and living in Bentonville for a few years, I married my husband who was from Huntsville and now I live and work from home in Huntsville, Arkansas. I enjoy a MIX of creative things and photography is what started my business when I took photos of family weddings after getting a camera in college. My degree is in Interior Design from the University of Arkansas & I used photography to support myself & promote my work. I started growing a cut flower garden a few years ago then added designer florals to my wedding and design services. Commissioned paintings/art is something I love to squeeze into my life when I'm itching to switch up mediums! I am also an Interior Designer for the online design company, Havenly and can be seen at local farmer’s markets in Goshen and Huntsville with my home grown florals and designer arrangements. I'm a Mac nerd, iced chai and pumpkin spice latte drinker and enjoy running and mountain biking when I can make time for it! Me and my husband, Kelly have 3 girls and love to be involved in the growing community of Huntsville!

My husband, Kelly is a builder/carpenter and we enjoy doing projects together when we can. We converted an old 18-wheeler mechanic shop into our home and are still in the process of an addition. Check my blog for future updates as we get that started up again!

We have a little girl named Remmy who is just as adventurous as we are and a large "mini pig" named Ruthy. Rory is our middle daughter with a love for accessories and Reese is the newest addition to the family as our 3rd daughter!

I enjoy meeting new people and collaborating on many types of weddings and projects and would love to hear from you about your next big event or design!

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