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Hello! My name is Robyn Lindsey and Mix Designs is my creative business. This is the new start of my blog about Remodeling our home. Last year was a whirlwind! I had the goal of starting up a monthly blog again last January as a New Year's resolution, but the year just flew by and it was always on the bottom of the to do list. I have been so encouraged by several friends who have asked me about the progress of our home remodel and I was surprised at how many of them read my old blog! So I am giving this another shot on my new site and will start up the Hop blog again.

For those of you who are knew, we call our home the "hop" because it was an 18-wheeler mechanic shop that we have remodeled to be our home. Home and shop=Hop. Plus we love to swing dance and Hop was an old name for a dance. Here's a photo from the beginning of my blog to catch up all you newcomers. This is how it all started. We have come a LONG way and I'll show more progress photos of the exterior next month.

There hasn't been a lot of progress on our Hop's interior since the last time I blogged, so I will show some pics of what it looked like at Christmas around here! This year was so much fun to get to watch Remmy open presents. She was really into it this year!

Fresh Mistletoe Bunch!

This is the vintage Christmas Countdown board we used when I was a kid. I love pulling this out every year! Remmy found the missing piece under the couch one day & ran to the board wanting me to pick her up so she could put the piece on the tree.

Also my Grandmother sadly had to sell her house so that she could move in with my aunt and have someone to help her out daily. She had to downsize a lot of her stuff and she gave me her Blue Wingback chair! I have always loved this chair and was my favorite place to sit while talking with her or watching TV/movies with her. I'm so thankful she let me have it! It has a bit of a velvet look with tufting. Right now it is in our living room, but eventually I would like to put it in our new Master Bedroom upstairs where I will be adding jewel tones and velvet-like accents and textures. Thanks, Mamaw!

This is the mood board I have for the new Master Bedroom upstairs.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog! I spent some time yesterday listening to a lesson on renewing our mind. This is a great video and a great prayer for the new year to refresh our minds!

Have a good February!


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